Online Resources for Schools Impacted by 
Coronavirus Shutdowns
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COVID-19 Road to Recovery

Blended Learning is common in classrooms.  

However, full implementation of online learning can seem like a daunting task.  For schools who have been closed due to Coronavirus, allow me to guide you in working through this challenging time with resources and ideas for K-12 online learning.

Free Resources for 
Learning at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home -  now free by grade level

BrainPop - now free for closed schools

Otsimo Special Education - app with certified autism games   (

English Language Learners - free

Big History Project - free

Sheppard Software - free

Duo Lingo - free languages practice - free simulations math/science

Everfi - sign up for free courses in math, mental wellness, STEM, financial literacy, and character education.

International Children's Digital Library 

MobyMax - 2 months free - all subjects