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Educational Consulting Philosophy
I believe in using a strength-based approach to bring a school community together.  This requires building authentic relationships to encourage leadership in every position and every level of school.  By valuing each individual’s expertise and area of contribution, each employee is propelled to reach their potential in their respective role.  This trickles down to student engagement in the classroom, while also organically building a strong foundation for the school from the bottom up.  As a strength-based approach is embraced, a school is better able to realize their vision. In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to recognize and adapt to challenges is imperative.  Recognizing the organizational priorities, creating a cohesive school-wide plan, and streamlining lines of communication all have a direct impact on the pulse of the school.  Establishing a visible shared plan creates palpable results. Remaining mindful of the school’s purpose and vision, I, as a consultant, have the capacity to create organizational best practices that fully support the community and provide a hub for a positive school climate for 21st Century learners and future leaders.

2018-2019 Offerings

Teacher workshops on the following topics:

*Social-Emotional Learning
*Strategies for Challenging Behaviors
*Student-Centered Learning
*Innovative Classroom Design
*Differentiated Instruction
*Implementing Project-Based Learning
*Creating A Globally-Oriented Classroom

How do we cultivate equanimity and grit?  Resiliency and cultural competency?
Educator workshops are available to assist in the implementation of project-based learning and STEAM education.  Teachers will become adept at guiding students through the process, applying core knowledge from across disciplines and culminating in a public display, or "Museum Walk".

Sessions include new and emerging technologies, providing instructional strategies and resources for all levels K-12. This includes practical accommodations for differentiating instruction to meet student learning preferences.  Authentic assessment will be introduced, along with framework alignments.