21st Century Educational Model
 What Should Schools Be Focusing On?
 •An individualized approach with focus on GROWTH MINDSET & 21st century skills
*Cognitive training to create individualized instruction
*Meaningful experiences which SPEAK to each student's passion
 •A landscape to embrace all types of learners, including accelerated learners, twice exceptional learners, and students with learning differences (ADD, ADHD, anxiety, dysgraphia, etc.)
 •Authentic, real-world experiences with community experts as mentors
 •Room for emergent curriculum to enable students to pursue their passions
 •Flexible learning spaces
 •Embracing creativity and curiosity
                       WHAT SCHOOLS SHOULD STRIVE FOR:
*Harmony & Peaceful Learning
*Opportunities for students to make a positive difference in the real world
*Adaptation & Flexibility
 *Digital literacy and Technology Integration
 *Individualized/Personalized Instruction
*Growth mindset
*Social-emotional learning
Embracing Neurodiversity 
•Changing the question: “How Smart Are You?” to “How Are You Smart?”
•Use strength-based strategies
•Hands-on learning and minds-on thinking
•Balanced collaboration
•Flexibility of thought / creativity in curriculum
•Promoting intellectual risk-taking
•Discovering awareness of authentic self
*Use of cognitive training intervention

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