Full Circle Classrooms

FCC offered a 3-year project-based learning micro school from 2014-2017.  This included individualized learning plans to incorporate student interests, giving students voice and choice.  Students engaged in interdisciplinary project-based learning, with daily sessions incorporating social-emotional learning, authentic assessments and community-based learning.  The micro school used both indoor and outdoor classrooms, with local experts served as mentors. This served as a pilot program for the XQ Super School model put forth by our team.  Lori is now serving as an Innovation Coach and Educational Consultant with the goal of bringing this type of learning to schools nationwide.

Learning is both cognitive and emotional. Teachers should strive to challenge each student academically, and also work to increase each student's emotional agility.  When students are presented with real-world experiences, they are able to develop deeper meaning in curriculum which leads to higher retention. Global connections nurture altruistic identities, instilling a foundation for caring behaviors and life skills.