Founder: Lori Towle

A Resource For Educators

Lori's Background

  • Trainings:
  • Responsive Classroom Administrators Training
  • Microsoft Educator's Training
  • Alternate-Tasking  
  • Growth Mindset Training with Carol Dweck
  • Brain-Based Learning w/Chris Kaufman
  • Executive Functioning Training w/Sarah Ward
  • Yardsticks Training w/Chip Wood
  • Reggio Emilia Training
  • Brain Gym Training
  • Collaborative Problem Solving with Ross Greene
  • Coaching Certification
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • 1st Aid/CPR Certified
  • WyzAnt Tutoring Certified
  • Learning & The Brain

Bowdoin College  
The University of Southern Maine  
United States Sports Academy
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology/Education
Master of Sport Science Degree

*Doctorate Degree in Instructional Design and Leadership - in progress
*United States Sports Academy
*Master of Sport Science Degree
*University of Southern Maine
*Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology/Education
*Bowdoin College

Work Experience:
* Presently serving as Director of Innovative Learning and Project-Based Learning Consultant at Odyssey Day School
* Adjunct Faculty at Stephens College in MO
*Head Coach at the Collegiate Level at Stephens College and The University of Southern Maine
*Served as a Founder of The Lower School at Columbia Independent School in MO
*Teacher & Director of Athletics at Columbia Independent School
*Teacher at The Advent School in Boston, MA
*Teacher at Sebago Educational Alliance in Buxtom, ME
*Teacher and Administrator at Breakwater School in Portland, ME
*Teacher at Acera School in Winchester, MA
*Director of Full Circle Classrooms, Project-Based Learning Micro School 2014-2017
*Coach of 30+ youth sports teams (and I have never blown a whistle!) ~ Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Running, Swimming
Teaching Philosophy

  I believe learning should be an adventure, in which students are given opportunities to inquire and explore in an environment that embraces curiosity and discovery. My role as an educator is to facilitate learning using methods that work to build confidence, embrace creativity, and instill a desire to pursue individual interests. I seek not short-term results, but long-term involvement…in which individuals come to understand and enjoy global learning through an authentic, project-based approach that positively impacts each students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being. As we journey together, the process will be interactive and reciprocal…integrated, flexible, and hands-on. Individual needs should and will be met, to the best of my ability, as I strive to guide each student toward a feeling of empowerment and self-worth... 

learning without limits.

The goal of Full Circle Classrooms is to promote a student-centered approach to innovative, project-based learning through a flipped learning model. Students take the lead...self-directed learning which embraces individual's passions, where students have voice and choice.
Curriculum is integrated across subject matter, with a focus on Digital Literacy and the development of 21st Century Skills.