Guiding Educators and Students Alike
 to Find & Embrace Their Strengths.
Changing the Question: 
"How Smart Are You?" to "How Are You Smart?"
Dr. Lori Towle
Consultant for
Transformational Practices 
in Education 

Executive Director of 
Code & Circuit
Scheduling Now for Winter 2021

Committed to Equity in Education 
Personalized Professional Learning

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Teacher training in PBL, SEL, and INNOVATION

Interactive student sessions with Spot, the Robotic Dog (as featured on WBZ News and Boston Globe), combined with Brain-based Learning and Social-Emotional Development

Mission of Full Circle Classrooms

Educational Consulting to Promote


Social-Emotional Learning

Equity in Education

Innovation and Technology Integration

Project-Based Learning

Differentiated Instruction

  Student Engagement
*Guide Every Child To Unleash Their Genius*
Through the BTA Connection Method

Transformational School Practices

Successful Professional Learning Communities

What Does Progressive Education 

Look Like?

* Collaborative Learning Brain-Based Learning

Educate the Whole Student

Include Real-World Application,

Empathy, Team Building, & EQ

* Letting students' curiosity pave the way


* Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning *

Learning that fosters individualized curriculum &

uses intentional strategies for student engagement


* Unique Documentation *

* Open Concept Learning Spaces *

Natural lighting, outdoor classrooms, intentional spaces

* Digital Literacy Integrated Into Students' Learning


* Community Experts As Mentors *

Real-world Internships & Applications


* Global Learning Community *


Skype & State-of-the-Art Technologies


* Authentic Assessment Strategies *

Measure true growth

EX: video, oral presentations, projects, "Gateway" model