"The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn't need to be reformed...it needs to be transformed." ~Ken Robinson
Consultant for
School Transformation 
& Establishment of Effective 
Learning Communities
      Youth of all ages can benefit from 
the learner-centered paradigm.
Whether it takes on a project-based approach or personalized learning, this type of learning ecosystem benefits all.

Mission of Full Circle Classrooms

Educational Consulting To Promote


Project-Based Learning

Differentiated Instruction

                        Incorporating Student Voice & Choice

Globally-Oriented Learning

Growth Mindset

Transformational School Practices

Successful Professional Learning Communities

What Does Progressive Education 

Look Like?

* Collaborative Learning Brain-Based Learning

Educate the Whole Student

Include Real-World Application,

Empathy, Team Building, & EQ

* Letting students' curiosity pave the way


* Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning *

Learning that fosters individualized curriculum &

piggybacks off of student ideas


* Unique Documentation *

Progress shared weekly via

slideshow, giving students prompts to share their learning with family


* Open Concept Learning Spaces *

Natural lighting, outdoor classrooms, comfortable spaces

* Digital Literacy Integrated Into Students' Learning


* Community Experts As Mentors *

Real-world Internships & Applications


* Global Learning Community *


Skype & State-of-the-Art Technologies


* Personalizable Assessment Strategies *

Measure true growth

EX: video, oral presentations, projects