"The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn't need to be reformed...it needs to be transformed." ~Ken Robinson
Consultant for
School Transformation 
& Establishment of Effective 
Learning Communities
The goal of Full Circle Classrooms is to promote a student-centered approach to innovative learning. How do teachers transfer ownership and center their teaching practices around the students, giving students voice and choice?
How do school leaders support teacher efficacy and build strong professional learning communities?

Full Circle Classrooms was founded in 2012 to provide a progressive educational model - a platform from which teachers and school leaders gain tools to create meaningful learning, thus enabling students to reach their full learning potential.

      Youth of all ages can benefit from 
student-centered learning.
Whether it takes on a project-based approach or traditional learning with differentiated instruction, a student-centered learning ecosystem benefits all learners.

Mission of Full Circle Classrooms

Educational Consulting To Promote 

Differentiated Instruction

Transformational Learning
Incorporating Student Voice & Choice
Building Resiliency
Social-Emotional Development

Successful Professional Learning Communities

Mindfulness & Equanimity

Digital Literacy

Technology Integration

Globally-Oriented Learning

Growth Mindset

Embracing Multiple Intelligences 

What Does Progressive Education 

Look Like?

* Collaborative Learning Brain-Based Learning

Educate the Whole Student

Include Real-World Application,

Empathy, Team Building, & EQ

* Letting students' curiosity pave the way


* Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning *

Learning that fosters individualized curriculum &

piggybacks off of student ideas


* Unique Documentation *

Progress shared weekly via

slideshow, giving students prompts to share their learning with family


* Open Concept Learning Spaces *

Natural lighting, outdoor classrooms, comfortable spaces

* Digital Literacy Integrated Into Students' Learning


* Community Experts As Mentors *

Real-world Internships & Applications


* Global Learning Community *


Skype & State-of-the-Art Technologies


* Personalizable Assessment Strategies *

Measure true growth

EX: video, oral presentations, projects